Summer Schools for Baroque and Renaissance Flautists : 2009

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This page remains available for historical interest but is out of date

This is a list of Summer Schools for which I have been able to find details on the web that might be of interest to baroque and/or renaissance flautists. Please note that it only lists courses with a named teacher of traverso. There are many other early chamber music and orchestral courses that welcome traverso players but they are not the focus of this page.

Several of these courses were found on a more comprehensive but not specifically flute related danish list of early music links. Also usefull is the Early Music of America's festival and workshops calendar

I'm told several print publications give details of flute related summer courses, Traversières in France, Tibia in Germany and Ardal Powell's Traverso.

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"It is pointless blowing into the flute ... there is plenty of air in there already." Bart Kuijken.

Start End Title Teacher Location Country Information
07/04 07/11 International Summer School of Early Music Nancy Hadden Valtice CZ
07/06 07/12 International Seminar of Early Music in Wallonia Jan de Winne Namur BE
08/02 08/09 Internationales Seminar für alte Musik Gertraud Wimmer Zell an der Pram AT
07/19 07/28 Urbino Musica Antica Marcello Gatti Urbino IT
08/27 08/29 Corso di Flauto Traverso Stefano Bet Venezia IT
08/12 08/21 Sommerkurse zur historischen Auffuhrungspraxis Christian Gurtner Gmunden AT
06/10 06/14 Internationale Tage der Alten Musik Claire Genewein Kefermarkt AT
08/09 08/21 Baroque Instrumental Programme: "The Apotheosis of the French Baroque" Wilbert Hazelzet Vancouver CA
07/12 07/19 Summer School of Early Music Peter Holtslag Prachatice CZ
07/25 07/31 NWEMF Summer School of Renaissance Music Philip Gruar Ambleside UK
07/25 08/01 Dartington International Summer School Stephen Preston Dartington UK
08/02 08/09 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools (Renaissance) Keith McGowan Cambridge UK
07/26 08/02 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools (Baroque) Gail Hennessy Cambridge UK
08/02 08/09 Oxford Baroque Week Rachel Latham Oxford UK
08/24 08/28 Amsterdam Early Music Summer School Jed Wentz Amsterdam NL
08/21 08/29 Académie de Sablé Valerie Balssa Sablé sur Sarthe FR
07/22 07/31 Académie de Musique Baroque Charles Zeblay Amilly FR
07/20 07/26 Early Music Summer Course Petra Aminoff Karjaa FI
07/25 08/02 Le Mesnil des Arts - Stage de Musique Baroque Anibal Sierra Montaut de Villeréal FR
07/19 07/26 Boxwood Festivals Lisa Besnoziuk & others Lunenburg CA
07/26 08/01 Baroque Flute & Continuo Player Boot Camp Kim Pineda & Janet See Seattle US
06/21 07/05 Baroque Performance Institute Michael Lynn & Christopher Krueger Oberlin US
08/02 08/09 International Summer School of Early Music Annie Laflamme Lidzbark PO
06/21 06/26 Timber Flute festival Colin St. Martin Elkins US
07/24 08/02 The International Baroque Institute at Longy IBIL Jed Wentz Cambridge US
07/12 07/19 Amherst Baroque Academy Janet See/Na'ama Lion/Gwyn Roberts New London US
07/28 08/04 St Olav Festival Peter Holtslag Trondheim NO
08/13 08/20 XXVII International Course for Early Music Peter Holtslag Lisbon PT

Absent but not forgotten

Sadly I can find no trace of courses this summer with Philippe Alain Dupré, Kate Clark, Bart Kuijken, Rachel Brown, Frank Theuns or Marc Hantai
If there are others that I have missed please do not hesitate to inform me at the address below or via the yahoo early flute group.

Updates & changes

Date Description
06/01 Philippe Alain Dupré and Kate Clark have confirmed to me that they are not teaching this summer.
06/01 Added Lisbon and Trondheim and link to Early Music America's calendar
05/24 Added Amherst
05/13 Added Cambridge(US)
04/29 Added Elkins
04/21 Added Lidzbark
04/16 Added Oberlin
04/15 Added link to download csv file and copyright (or lack of it) information
04/15 Fixed sorting on dates. Beware : Dates are now format mm/dd
04/15 Removed the link to the Flute Network as it's not early music related
04/15 Added Académie de Musique Baroque, Charles Zeblay, Amilly
04/15 Added Early Music Summer Course, Petra Aminoff, Karjaa
04/15 Added Le Mesnil des Arts - Stage de Musique Baroque, Anibal Sierra, Montaut de Villeréal
04/15 Added Boxwood Festivals, Lisa Besnoziuk & others, Lunenburg

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